The Seven Eighths Lounge is a forum based group of like-minded modellers who for reasons many and various are model ling in ⅞in : 1ft or 1:13.7 scale. This is a scale that is beginning to take hold and has had many appearances at exhibitions around the world and in many magazine articles. Indeed some of the main stream manufacturers are starting to offer their models in this scale as well as in the more common, and smaller, 16mm : 1ft scale.

​The SE Lounge has a growing membership and covers all types of areas of the craft from live steam and live diesel to electric power, prototypical to the eclectic Emettesk style. Moreover it is a scale you can actually see without the aid of magnification so is suitable for those who once may have modelled in 2mm : 1ft scale (N scale) but now find the eyes are just not up to it.

​If you wish to find out more just go to The Seven Eighths Lounge and take a look.

The Seven Eighths Lounge