Somebody told me it was high time I had my own website, trouble is what do you put on it?

​Having used computers throughout their various stages of evolution, since 1965 whilst at school right up to the present day I have been more involved in the mechanics of the machines and their use in the graphic arts industry, design and publication than in their, now common, 'social use'.

Call me a Luddite but I have always steered well clear of Facebook and the like and as for 'bloggs', 'twitters' and 'tweets', what the hell are they? Texting drives me nuts! In the time it takes me to punch out three words I could have dialled the person and spoken to them (remember the spoken word?) or left a voicemail.

​As far as 'social networking' is concerned I got left behind after the advent of email... sad but true.

​I will try and think of things to add but in the mean time, as my motto above says, this site will always be under construction!

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